This is my first self written blog here and I am dedicating it to all cricket fans out here.Firstly let  me tell you all that I am newbie here and just starting to write publically.I know I will make mistakes a few times but I Will learn from that mistake and will try to sharpen my writings.
        I will be grateful to all my readers and well wishers who will suggest me the changes I should make to make my blogs more effective.

          Coming back to the topic of this blog. Before two months a quarter final of the ICC Cricket World Cup was being played between India and Bangladesh.Unfortunately, Rohit Sharma an Indian opener was originally out but umpire gave it “No Ball”, it was bad decision but it does happen in Cricket( Umpires make mistakes many times).India won this match by more than 100 runs.But After The game When I Read reactions of Bangladesh cricket fans as well as their cricket board’s officialdom in social networking sites,I was literally shocked.They all were blaming on that  “one bad decision”.Bangladeshi people as well media was promoting it as they lost because of BCCI.
After this quarterfinal game,In Each Cricket related post on all social networking sites for two months,they just commented about that bad decision and they will take revenge and blah blah blah.I became angry and quarrelled with them ,asked for healthy debate on this issue When they felt they can’t debate with fair way ,they have started using Slangs For India For Indian People.Might be possible that they have forgotten the fact that the only reason Bangladesh does exist is India,the fact that Thousands of Bangla people migrate to India illegally in search of jobs,residents.
      The matter has become that much serious in Bangladesh that Sheikh Hasina(Prime minister of Bangladesh) stated that India has played with inappropriate way,now this was quite disappointing, we can’t expect such irresponsible, illogical statement from the most responsible person of any country.Kamal Mustufa,Representative of Bangladesh Cricket in ICC has resigned just because he felt that the umpire’s role in the Game was doubtable.Few crazy bangla Fans started strike to investigate this’s a game after all,they have to learn to digest failure.
          In this month ,a series between India’s tour of Bangladesh was organized and they played some good cricket and won the ODI series against India for the First time in the history of cricket.So the efforts are appreciable. But the way they celebrate the victory is unfair.They started trolling Indian cricketers then Indian people and The Indian country itself.I wish they could have learned some respect .
   My problem is not against anything happened in the ground ,I won’t blame situations for Indian cricket’s failure .But the problem is Here .Just have a look at this image.


Ad. posted by well known Bangladeshi newspaper

           This is the ad. Published in               ” Prothom alo” ,a well known Bangladeshi newspaper.
          Bangla media is promoting this series success like World Cup Victory(“What more we can expect from the media of the country like Bangladesh”). Fans are crazy and not aware about How to react  to victory.The language they are using is inappropriate. The way they are celebrating this victory is unfair.This was just a small series victory(may be because it is the first series victory for them so don’t be knowing how to celebrate).
            India has started playing international cricket long ago before Bangladesh was born ,Won two world cups ,many major tournaments but never been as much boastful,egoistic as they are right now after winning two games against India,I wish their media publish some meaningful posts rather than spreading hatred against Indian people or cricketers.
         ”  If they win They devalue opponent teams,if they lose then  to find faults in Opponent team”this is the policy of their media ,fans,officials.”
   I want to add a quote for these so called artificial  Bangladeshi tigers
       ” We are not tigers but simple human beings who are hunting tigers for decades”.